Catty Corporation Celebrates Operators of the Year with Pizza!

Each year Catty Corporation reviews the performance of the operators and creates a ranking list based on the metrics posted throughout the year.

In categories such as Estimated Feet Per Minute, Make-ready Hours, Overall equipment effectiveness, Run Hours, and Waste.

These are a comparison of Targets and Actual, with the goals of each operator contributing above the Targets and directly contributing to the bottom line of the company. This allows everyone, to not only recognize their contribution but also identify with how they have contributed to the overall success of the business.

This week we will be announcing our top performing operators who will have their names added to the plagues in the plant where the history of this award is displayed all year. The top two operators will also receive an award.

In celebration of this event and Catty Corporations overall exceptional year we will be providing pizza to the entire company on Thursday 2/9/23.

Keep an eye out for the big announcement regarding our top performers!