Catty is the largest distributor of foil/paper laminates for the Dairy Industry in the United States. We serve dairy producers big and small all across North America.

High Performance

We strive to not only meet your current wrapping standards but to improve wrap line speeds and wrap efficiency on your packing lines. With the ability to modify wrap CoF, structure thickness, and alloy of foil among other variables – we will custom design a wrap to maximize your production.

Poly-Coatings for Extra Barrier

In addition to the excellent barrier properties our standard Foil/Paper structure provides, we have the option to add additional poly-coatings to the paper side of a wrap to give it extra barrier. This polycoating can serve to better block out Moisture, Oxygen, Nitrogen, and most Odors.

Stocked Common Structures

We stock a variety of common structures with proven performance that we can pull from to quickly qualify new opportunities.

Helpful Customer Support

Not sure exactly what you are buying currently? Unsure where to start with a new project? Our knowledgeable Engineering and Sales staff is standing by to help you get started.