Custom finishing that fits your production process

Whether it’s slitting, sheeting, or cutting, Catty has the ability to take the wide web structures we print on our presses and cut them down to fit what you need for your wrapping process. After cut to size, we then custom build packaging to best fit your production process. Once your wrap is cut, packaged, and palletized, we have the option to inventory material to be drawn upon at later dates.


  • High speed slitting to widths as thin as 1 5/8” (41mm)
  • Variable core sizes to fit your equipment
  • Variable splicing to fit your process

Sheeting & Cutting

  • Custom hand packaging
  • Small quantity runs

Custom Pallet

  • Custom packaging and palletizing builds

Warehousing & VMI Programs

  • 20,000 ft² of warehousing space
  • Personalized inventory programs to meet fluctuating material demand