Special Coatings

Catty Corp has the ability to apply special coatings that give a variety of benefits to your wrap.

Whether you need complete FDA approval, extra barrier protection, or an added cosmetic touch, we will work with you to customize your wrap just to your liking.  We feature knowledgeable in-house ink and coating experts as well as a strong network of coating suppliers, leaving us never far from finding the coating you need.

Barrier Protection Coatings

  • Oxygen barriers
  • Moisture barriers
  • UV barriers
  • Nitrogen barriers
  • Alcohol resistant coatings
  • Additional chemical resistant coatings available by request
  • Grease and corrosion resistant lamination

FDA Approved

  • FDA Direct Food Contact
  • FDA Indirect Food Contact
  • Combine with our food grade aluminum for a complete FDA approved structure

Heat Seals & Cold Seals

  • Variable heat activated adhesives
  • Variable cold activated adhesives

Cosmetic Coatings

  • Matte Finishes
  • Tactual Finishes
  • Pearlescent Coatings
  • Variable Gloss

Moisture Activated Coatings

  • Commonly used in bottling and lidding applications