Foil Lidding

Aluminum Foil Based Lidding Solutions

Catty Corporation was the first manufacturer in the United States to provide aluminum foil bottle neck material to the Bottling and Lidding industry. We continue to provide bottle neck material to this date and have grown with the industry to provide coatings with alcohol resistances among other structure improvements throughout the years.

Aluminum Can Sanitary Lidding

Looking to protect your aluminum canned product from any contamination on its journey to your consumers?  Consider introducing aluminum foil lids to your product.  Our lidding foil can be applied in line, sealing quickly and securely using an adhesive specifically designed for Aluminum to Aluminum adhesion.  Best of all, just like the cans they protect, these lids are 100% recyclable.

Catty Corp is a High-Performance Packaging Vendor

We strive to not only meet your current standards, but to improve the wrap line speeds and wrap efficiency of your packaging lines. With the ability to modify wrap Coefficient of Friction (CoF), structures, thickness and alloy of foil, we can custom design a wrap to maximize your production. (CoF) is a ratio of the force required to move one surface over another to total force applied to those surfaces. That means that CoF measures how slick or slippery a surface is.  Beyond wrap performance, Catty’s quality department boasts a proven process that eliminates nearly all quality defects from our process.  Over the last twenty years, Catty has had a material return rate of less than a quarter of a percent (<.25%) of the nearly 4 billion feet of material we have ran through our facility.

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We Stock Custom Structures

We stock a variety of common structures with proven performance on all varieties of wrapping machines.  This stock can be pulled from to quickly qualify new opportunities and provides long term stability of supply for our many long standing customers.

Helpful Customer Support

Not sure exactly what you are buying currently? Unsure where to start with a new project? Our knowledgeable Engineering and Sales staff is standing by to help you get started.