About Catty Corp

Catty was founded in 1907 by Hugh D. Catty, an Englishman, as a cellophane converter. Cellophane was the popular upstart of the Packaging Industry in those days. The company began experimenting with aluminum foil in the late twenties and they grew to 7 plants and sales offices; all located in the U.S. Catty partnered with Alcoa to develop aluminum foil as a viable substrate for confections and bottle neck labels. Between 1930 and 1950 the number of plants was reduced to 2 and the company increased the amount of aluminum foil converting as opposed to cellophane because “foil” was the new wonder packaging product with it’s favorable packaging qualities and barrier resistance.

Catty opened a sales office in Chicago in 1921 selling gold leaf, cellophane, and aluminum foil imported products from Europe. The Huntley, Illinois plant was opened in 1946 when it was purchased from the Fencil Company. The original portion of the building was built in 1905 for Hezel’s Milk Factory. The Huntley plant was the Flexible Packaging Division while the Gift Wrap Division remained Norwalk Conn. responsibility.

Following the death of Hugh D. Catty in the late 1950’s, his family sold the business to Geo. W. Krug & Associates in 1964, who then consolidated all Catty business into the Huntley location. Krug then sold Catty in 1985 to Rostra, a holding company. Rostra sold the Gift Wrap business to Shamrock, another one of its holdings.

Ray Scott purchased the business in 1987 making significant investments and upgrading the production equipment. It was then that Ray changed the name slightly to “Catty Corporation.”

Bruce Scott purchased the business from his father in 1996 continuing to upgrade both equipment and facilities and invest in new computer technologies. The Harvard, IL facility was purchased in 2006 where all operations are now located.

In 2009, Catty invested heavily in management resources that could take the company to the next level. Today the product line consists of Flexible Packaging serving the Food, Dairy, Confectionery, Pharmaceutical, and Specialty markets. Catty has many Fortune 100 customers and sells primarily within North America.