Take Action! Reach out to your federal representative!

The recent case initiated by @CommerceGov unfairly targets the flexible packaging industry with unwarranted trade actions on aluminum foil that threatens food, pharmaceutical & medical security in the U.S. plus jobs and pricing. Learn more about its impact, https://bit.ly/3Ti722A
1. The flexible packaging industry, and consumers, face huge consequences for food and medical product insecurity, loss of jobs & inflated prices if unwarranted trade actions on aluminum foil initiated by @CommerceGov are implemented. Take action, learn how at https://bit.ly/3Ti722A
2. Your action is needed! The @CommerceGov is pushing for new duties on aluminum foil suppliers from South Korea & Thailand that could impact necessary aluminum foil manufacturing for pharmaceutical, food & medical packaging. Reach out to your federal rep today. bit.ly/3hSKZBz
3. Your voice is needed! The manufacturing of pharmaceutical, food and medical device packaging is facing potential disruption with unwarranted trade actions posed by the @CommerceGov. Reach out to your federal rep to speak against these duties today. https://bit.ly/3Ti722A