Catty Picnic 2017

Another successful year at the Annual Catty Picnic in Harvard, IL! The Catty team along with family and friends joined together to have a blast at the picnic. With lots of food, games, water balloons, and prizes, fun was had by all. Here are a few of our favorite shots from the day:

Kevin and his daughter enjoying some of the great food
The raffle crowd
Bart excited for some new garden hoses!
Cindy eyeing Lisa’s new set of ceramic knives. She just wants the purple one…
Matt and his family
It wouldn’t be a picnic without Eloy singing La Bamba!
Alright! Great play!
The first raffle prize picked is…a Magic Bullet!
Mike very excited for a new drill!
Boys enjoying their snow cones
Family Fun!
Kim flying his gigantic kite
Grandpas and their Grandbabies!
The Annual Shaving Cream Whiffle Ball Game
The whole group on such a beautiful day!