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Flexible Packaging & Printing Capabilities


Flexo & Rotogravure Printing

Up to 11 color flexographic and 8 color rotogravure printing on both wide and narrow web.



Catty offers a variety of laminations, joining a variety of structures through both glue and wax lamination.


High speed slitting up to 60″ of material with cut sizes as small as 1 5/8″.


Catty offers a variety of finishing methods including: Embossing, Cold Seals, Heat Seals, Slip Agents, Barrier-Resident Coatings, FDA approved coatings (both direct & indirect).


Water-Based Inks

Catty works primarily in environmentally friendly water-based inks. We match to Pantone colors, draw downs, and previously printed samples and duplicate color with great accuracy from run to run.


High Quality Graphics

Catty Offers the ability to run HD plates on our Flexo press, producing extra sharp graphics. We also have the ability to print complex four-color-process jobs with great accuracy at high speeds.


Why Choose Catty?

Veterans in the Flexible Packaging field

Catty Corporation is considered a pioneer in the foil converting industry – being one of the first packaging converters to develop aluminum foil as a viable packaging solution in the early 1900s.

Packaging Expertise

Our long history in the flexible packaging field has allowed us to accrue an industry-leading level of product knowledge and expertise that has been woven into our company culture.

Team Approach to Customer Care

At Catty Corporation, we have a full-scale dedication to our customers – at all levels and in each department we aim to deliver excellence in both product and service.

Dedication to Continuous Improvement

Catty treats each run on our production lines as an opportunity to learn more about our craft and is always looking for better, more efficient ways to manufacture our product.

Happy Customers, Big and Small

We have partnered with hundreds of companies in a multitude of industries throughout our long history, that range from small-time Mom and Pop chocolate companies to major Fortune 500 medical suppliers. Our well-rounded staff customizes our service approach to fit customers of all sizes.

Customizable Quote Process

We treat the quoting process as a partnership-building opportunity and a chance to expose potential customers to Catty’s first-class customer care. We pride ourselves at diving into potential business to understand completely what each customer needs and only take on business that we know will be mutually beneficial.



What Our Customers Think

The best compliment I can give Catty is that they are a ‘no-noise’ supplier.  There’s a lot of moving pieces that go into our product, Catty is a piece I do not have to worry about – they always pull through

Quick turnaround, fast quotes, and full service, that’s what I think of when  I think of Catty Corp.

We’ve put Catty to the test with our always-changing production schedule but they always come through for us.

The finest packaging supplier we have.  They are professional and prepared at every turn.  Catty Corporation has truly raised the bar for the rest of our suppliers